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Title: It Makes Her Happy
Fandom: Original
Pairing:no one special
Rating: PG
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse challenge 28 - pirate
Word Count:233
Warnings/Spoilers: Swear words and people drinking
Author's Ramblings:To be honest, it is hard to equate the characters of One Piece as pirates.

Summary: "What in the hell are you suppose to be

Taking in the suit, Casey laughs, "What in the hell are you suppose to be?"

Troy frowns, crossing his arms across his chest. "Apparently, I'm a pirate."

Michael, sitting on the sofa, lifts his beer bottle. "Don't pirates only have one body part?"."

The group stares confusedly at him. 

"I think," Casey takes a swig of her beer, "what my drunk boyfriend is trying to say..."

"I'm not drunk." Michael cuts in.

Casey rolls her eyes, "is that pirates usually are missing something.  An arm, and legs."

"Well, this blond wig is working on taking out one of my eyes."  Troy lifts his hand to move a bit of bang and sighs when it moves back, covering his eye.  "I can't see how this dude is suppose to be a fighter."

Michael snorts, "I still want to know why you're wearing it."

Troy shrugs, "It makes Julie happy."

"Meaning," Casey cuts in, "Sex."

Troy looks shocked for a moment, before sighing "Partially.  There is also the added perk of her dressing up too."

Michael gets a teasing smile on his face, "Why, is her pirate nude?"

"Actually," Troy eyes glaze over a bit in rememberance, "her character is a cat burglar with a tendency to wear heels, bikini's, and tube tops."

Michael pauses before staring at his girlfriend.

Casey meets her boyfriend's eyes, "It ain't happening."  and finishes her beer in one long pull.

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