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Sunlight - Devil may Cry
Fandom:Devil May Cry
Pairing:Gen or Kyrie/Nero
Rating: General
Challenge/Prompt: a_writing_muse/20- Melancholy
Word Count:126
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Author's Ramblings: I fail at writing GEN stories, I'm told.

Summary: She is almost angelic.

Nero didn't know what it said about him, but he knew it wasn't a good thing when a person could pack their whole life in two duffel bags.

"Nero," Kyrie calls out from the bedroom door as he hefts up one bag with his normal hand. He glances up at her and stares.

The afternoon light bouncing off her red hair, along with the white dress she'd worn for early morning services and the she stands, head bowed and both hands folded on her chest. She is almost angelic.
"You..." she stops , lifting her head. "You will come back."
Nero smiles, walking across the room until he's in front of her. His eyes soften,"Of course." before walking around her dragging his other duffel on the floor.


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