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reality vs. fantasy
Fandom: Original Work
Pairing: Slash
Rating: PG
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse - 19 Who's that Guy (Your character is 27 years old, 5ft 5' tall, with muddy blue eyes and chestnut hair. He/she is outgoing and bold but can be loud and is scared of the dark.)
Word Count:
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Author's Ramblings: Prompt

Summary: First impressions are impossible to overcome.

"Will you stop that."

Nathan lowers his hands from his tie with a sigh and a roll of his eyes. He always hates wearing ties. Mini nooses the lot of them. "You know, this isn't going to make her like me."

"Yes," Dennis sighs, he finger moving to straighten his boyfriend's collar and tie, smiling a bit when they both are perfectly straight again. "I know. But maybe this time your start wont be so antagonistic."

"Hey!" Nathan starts, moving back harshly from his boyfriend's grasp, "The old lady started it first. If she had just called, I would have made sure that I was fully dressed when I'd opened the door. "

Dennis frowns, shaking his head, before meeting Nathan's blue eyes. "I think you missed the point. You should have made sure you were appropriately dress before opening the door."

Nathan looks away, face flushing as two fingers unconsciously twirl around at lock of chesnut hair that escaped his haphazard ponytail. How was he suppose to know that after a night of working his ass off, literally since Chase from Vice called in a favor, and coming home only to pass out on his couch, that the knock on his door wouldn't be his boyfriend. He'd opened the door that day to find some Joan Rivers impersonator, look him up and down and snort dismissively, "Ah, so you're the trollop my son has chosen."

"Well" Dennis smiles, but his green eyes predict impending doom. " This will be fun."


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