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Fandom: Tiger and Bunny
Characters/Pairing: Kotetsu Kaburagi, Kaede Kaburagi, Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Rating: General
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse - Challenge 5 PartC - Beginings and Ends (Prompt is the end of this story by
Word Count:
Warnings/Spoilers: Slashy Hints, No spoilers
Author's Ramblings: None



Kotetsu smiles ruefully, his eyes glancing quickly between his daughter on the viewscreen and his cellphone beeping urgently at him.  "Listen, Daddy promises to be there."
"Hmp" Kaede slumps back on the screen, "Like I haven't heard that a million times before."

Kotetsu groans, his hand spreading across his face, "I promise..." he begins.

Barnaby walks into the room closing his phone with a loud smack. "He'll be there tomorrow afternoon."

"Really," Kaede asks, her tone warming a bit, before her face scrunches into a scowl.  "Or are you just saying that."

Barnaby pushes Kotetsu aside, ignoring the older man's indignant "Hey" as he takes over the armchair and the phone conversation.  "Unlike someone," he pauses, cutting his eyes quickly to the older man glaring at him from the floor and back. "I have already logged both of us as having the next week off."

"What!" Kotetsu shouts out, "Agnes,wouldn't..."

"And I got the producer's okay." Barnaby raises Kotetsu's phone in the older man's face. 

Kotetsu snatches it with a frown as he looks down at it, realizing that its an text message

Barnaby turns back to Kaede  wearing his patented 'television idol' smile. "I just had to promise another bathing suit spread."

"So." Kaede brightens, her lips sliding into a large smile. "You will be here for my play."

Kotetsu sits on the arm of the chair, leaning across the blond, "Off course...."

"I'll make sure the old man isn't late." Barnaby cuts in, lightly slapping the brunet out of his way.

"Thank you, Barnaby." Kaede smiles.  Kotetsu's frown deepens.  His daughter still hasn't gotten over her idol worship of his partner yet. 

Barnaby smiles, nodding.  "It's nothing."

"See you later, Dad."

 "Bye Sweety, Daddy..." and is cut off as she hangs up. Kotetsu sighs, "I thought i had already earned her respect."

Barnaby smiles,"Not today. But, if we could get you to actually honor all the promises you make."

"Ah, but that's what you're for." Kotetsu grins widely.  "To keep me honest."

Barnaby gives him a blank stare, "I'm glad I have a purpose." He tilts his head a litte, his eyes shining in amusement.  "Its good to know that you accept your limitations.  I realize it must be tiresome to realize how spotty ones memory can become."

Kotetsu throws up his hands in exasperation "Are you ever going to stop with the old man jokes."

Barnaby lifts his eyes up, his hand cupping his chin thoughtfully.  "Honestly." he shakes his head,"I don't think so."

Kotetsu glares at him accusingly.  "No one would believe that you are the childish one in our relationship."

Barnaby grins, big and carefree. "Nope."


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