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1.To be2.To sing3.To feel4.To live5.Verb! That's what's happenin'!
6.I put my heart in action7.To run8.To go9.To get10.To give
11.That's where I find satisfaction12.To search13.To find14.To have15.To hold
16.To be bold!17.When I use my imagination18.I think19.I plot20.I plan
21.I dream22.I make23.I write24.I dance25.I run
26.I ride27.I swim28.I fly29.I rest30.I sleep
31.I sit32.I lie33.Show me how34.I don't know my own power35.A verb makes a statement
36.A verb tells it like it is37.I can tell you when it's happenin'38.Past, present, future39.Tell you more about what's happenin'40.Say it so it makes some sense
41.Verb, you're so intense42.Every sentence has a subject43.Where's the action?44.What does it say?45.What is it?
46.Verb! You're so demanding!47.Go get it!48.Verb! You're so commanding!49.When I hit, I need an object50.Go ahead on!
51.Yeah, alright!52.He hit it!53.It's going, it's going, it's gone!54.To work55.To play
56.To love57.Every person you can know58.Every place that you can go59.Any thing that you can show60.A special kind of word
61.Any name you ever heard62.I find it quite interesting63.A noun's a person, place, or thing64.I took a train, took a train, to another state65.The flora and the fauna that I saw were really great
66.I saw some bandits chasing the train67.I was wishing I was back home again68.She sent her dog to bark at my brother and me69.We gave her dog a big fat bone70.Every place that you can go... (Like a street or a corner.)
71.I took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty72.My best friend was waiting there for me73.We went for a walk on the island74.In the middle of summer it started to snow75.I put a dime in the drugstore record machine
76.It goes like this77.Let's go!78.You're going to need if you write or read or even think about it79.Got a lot of Lolly, jolly adverbs here!80.Anything you need and we can make it absolutely clear!
81.That's all it is82.There's a lot of 'em!83.It's positively, very, very, necessary84.Come on down and look85.How are you going to paint it?
86.You can paint it very neatly or rather sloppily87.Your buddy wants to know where and when88.Anything described can be described some more89.Anything you'd ever need is in the store90.You choose very carefully
91.Where it happened92.Where you're going93.Where you've been94.These questions are answered95.Come and get it!
96.Quickly quickly quickly97.Slowly surely really98.Slow, soft and sure99.Lots of good tricks100.Manner, place, time
101.Condition, reason102.Comparison, contrast103.Enrich your language104.Besides, they're absolutely free105.At your service!
106.Indubitably!107.I could say that, but I don't have to!108.He found a kangaroo that followed him home109.They're so happy110.Saying all those nouns over and over can really wear you down
111.We found them and they found us112.Now they are ours113.People really raise a fuss114.What made that horrible noise?115.But I know!
116.I have mine and she has hers and he has his117.Do you have yours?118.They love us and we love them119.That's how it is with friends120.Got home from camping last spring
121.Friends asked us to describe the people, places and every last thing122.We unpacked our adjectives123.Frustrating124.Worst125.Soggy
126.Next127.Foggy128.Then I was ready to tell them my tale129.Days are sunny or they're rainy130.Boys are dumb or else they're brainy
131.How thin, how fat132.How short, how tall133.Girls who are tall can get taller134.Boys who are small can get smaller135.Till one is the tallest and the other's the smallest of all
136.We hiked along without care137.We ran into a bear138.He was a hairy bear, he was a scary bear139.We beat a hasty retreat from his lair140.Whoa!
141.Boy, that was one big, ugly bear!142.Tack on an ending143.This boy can grow up to be a huge man, but still have a boyish face144.Get it?145.Next time you go on a trip
146.Remember this little tip147.The minute you get back148.They'll ask you this and that149.Tell them 'bout it150.Shout it
151.What's your function?152.Hooking up153.Words and phrases and clauses154.How's that function?155.They'll get you pretty far
156.And, but, and or157.Milk and honey158.Bread and butter159.Peas and rice160.Hey, that's nice!
161.Dirty but happy162.Digging and scratching163.Losing your shoe164.A button or two165.He's poor but honest
166.Sad but true167.Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!168.Either now or later169.No choice170.Neither now nor ever
171.Hey, that's clever!172.Eat this or that173.Never mind174.I wouldn't do that175.Out of the frying pan and into the fire
176.He cut loose the sandbags177.The balloon wouldn't go any higher178.Let's go up to the mountains179.Down to the sea180.You should always say thank you
181.At least say please182.Complex sentences183.In the mornings184.I am usually wide awake185.I love to take a walk
186.Through the gardens187.Down by the lake188.I wonder as I walk by189.What they'd say if they could speak190.That's an absurd thought
191.I'm going to get you there if you're very careful192.The doctor knew just what to do193.He cured the infection with one small injection194.Ouch! That hurts!195.Yow! That's not fair, giving a guy a shot down there!
196.Excitement197.When the feeling's not as strong198.Geraldine played hard to get199.Geraldo knew he'd woo her yet200.He showed his affection


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