Title: It Makes Her Happy
Fandom: Original
Pairing:no one special
Rating: PG
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse challenge 28 - pirate
Word Count:233
Warnings/Spoilers: Swear words and people drinking
Author's Ramblings:To be honest, it is hard to equate the characters of One Piece as pirates.

Summary: "What in the hell are you suppose to be

Taking in the suit, Casey laughs, "What in the hell are you suppose to be?"

Troy frowns, crossing his arms across his chest. "Apparently, I'm a pirate."

Michael, sitting on the sofa, lifts his beer bottle. "Don't pirates only have one body part?"."

The group stares confusedly at him. 

"I think," Casey takes a swig of her beer, "what my drunk boyfriend is trying to say..."

"I'm not drunk." Michael cuts in.

Casey rolls her eyes, "is that pirates usually are missing something.  An arm, and legs."

"Well, this blond wig is working on taking out one of my eyes."  Troy lifts his hand to move a bit of bang and sighs when it moves back, covering his eye.  "I can't see how this dude is suppose to be a fighter."

Michael snorts, "I still want to know why you're wearing it."

Troy shrugs, "It makes Julie happy."

"Meaning," Casey cuts in, "Sex."

Troy looks shocked for a moment, before sighing "Partially.  There is also the added perk of her dressing up too."

Michael gets a teasing smile on his face, "Why, is her pirate nude?"

"Actually," Troy eyes glaze over a bit in rememberance, "her character is a cat burglar with a tendency to wear heels, bikini's, and tube tops."

Michael pauses before staring at his girlfriend.

Casey meets her boyfriend's eyes, "It ain't happening."  and finishes her beer in one long pull.

Sunlight - Devil may Cry
Fandom:Devil May Cry
Pairing:Gen or Kyrie/Nero
Rating: General
Challenge/Prompt: a_writing_muse/20- Melancholy
Word Count:126
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Author's Ramblings: I fail at writing GEN stories, I'm told.

Summary: She is almost angelic.

Nero didn't know what it said about him, but he knew it wasn't a good thing when a person could pack their whole life in two duffel bags.

"Nero," Kyrie calls out from the bedroom door as he hefts up one bag with his normal hand. He glances up at her and stares.

The afternoon light bouncing off her red hair, along with the white dress she'd worn for early morning services and the she stands, head bowed and both hands folded on her chest. She is almost angelic.
"You..." she stops , lifting her head. "You will come back."
Nero smiles, walking across the room until he's in front of her. His eyes soften,"Of course." before walking around her dragging his other duffel on the floor.

Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairing: Burt Hummel, Kurt Hummel/Noah "Puck" Puckerman
Rating: General
Challenge/Prompt:writerverse - "Replaceement
Word Count: 226
Warnings/Spoilers: None/Season 1
Author's Ramblings: I got nothing.

Burt stares at the punk then turns to his son, frowning "Can you get another one?"Collapse )

reality vs. fantasy
Fandom: Original Work
Pairing: Slash
Rating: PG
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse - 19 Who's that Guy (Your character is 27 years old, 5ft 5' tall, with muddy blue eyes and chestnut hair. He/she is outgoing and bold but can be loud and is scared of the dark.)
Word Count:
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Author's Ramblings: Prompt

Summary: First impressions are impossible to overcome.

"Will you stop that."

Nathan lowers his hands from his tie with a sigh and a roll of his eyes. He always hates wearing ties. Mini nooses the lot of them. "You know, this isn't going to make her like me."

"Yes," Dennis sighs, he finger moving to straighten his boyfriend's collar and tie, smiling a bit when they both are perfectly straight again. "I know. But maybe this time your start wont be so antagonistic."

"Hey!" Nathan starts, moving back harshly from his boyfriend's grasp, "The old lady started it first. If she had just called, I would have made sure that I was fully dressed when I'd opened the door. "

Dennis frowns, shaking his head, before meeting Nathan's blue eyes. "I think you missed the point. You should have made sure you were appropriately dress before opening the door."

Nathan looks away, face flushing as two fingers unconsciously twirl around at lock of chesnut hair that escaped his haphazard ponytail. How was he suppose to know that after a night of working his ass off, literally since Chase from Vice called in a favor, and coming home only to pass out on his couch, that the knock on his door wouldn't be his boyfriend. He'd opened the door that day to find some Joan Rivers impersonator, look him up and down and snort dismissively, "Ah, so you're the trollop my son has chosen."

"Well" Dennis smiles, but his green eyes predict impending doom. " This will be fun."

(no subject)
Fandom: Tiger and Bunny
Characters/Pairing: Kotetsu Kaburagi, Kaede Kaburagi, Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Rating: General
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse - Challenge 5 PartC - Beginings and Ends (Prompt is the end of this story by
Word Count:
Warnings/Spoilers: Slashy Hints, No spoilers
Author's Ramblings: None



Kotetsu smiles ruefully, his eyes glancing quickly between his daughter on the viewscreen and his cellphone beeping urgently at him.  "Listen, Daddy promises to be there."
"Hmp" Kaede slumps back on the screen, "Like I haven't heard that a million times before."

Kotetsu groans, his hand spreading across his face, "I promise..." he begins.

Barnaby walks into the room closing his phone with a loud smack. "He'll be there tomorrow afternoon."

"Really," Kaede asks, her tone warming a bit, before her face scrunches into a scowl.  "Or are you just saying that."

Barnaby pushes Kotetsu aside, ignoring the older man's indignant "Hey" as he takes over the armchair and the phone conversation.  "Unlike someone," he pauses, cutting his eyes quickly to the older man glaring at him from the floor and back. "I have already logged both of us as having the next week off."

"What!" Kotetsu shouts out, "Agnes,wouldn't..."

"And I got the producer's okay." Barnaby raises Kotetsu's phone in the older man's face. 

Kotetsu snatches it with a frown as he looks down at it, realizing that its an text message

Barnaby turns back to Kaede  wearing his patented 'television idol' smile. "I just had to promise another bathing suit spread."

"So." Kaede brightens, her lips sliding into a large smile. "You will be here for my play."

Kotetsu sits on the arm of the chair, leaning across the blond, "Off course...."

"I'll make sure the old man isn't late." Barnaby cuts in, lightly slapping the brunet out of his way.

"Thank you, Barnaby." Kaede smiles.  Kotetsu's frown deepens.  His daughter still hasn't gotten over her idol worship of his partner yet. 

Barnaby smiles, nodding.  "It's nothing."

"See you later, Dad."

 "Bye Sweety, Daddy..." and is cut off as she hangs up. Kotetsu sighs, "I thought i had already earned her respect."

Barnaby smiles,"Not today. But, if we could get you to actually honor all the promises you make."

"Ah, but that's what you're for." Kotetsu grins widely.  "To keep me honest."

Barnaby gives him a blank stare, "I'm glad I have a purpose." He tilts his head a litte, his eyes shining in amusement.  "Its good to know that you accept your limitations.  I realize it must be tiresome to realize how spotty ones memory can become."

Kotetsu throws up his hands in exasperation "Are you ever going to stop with the old man jokes."

Barnaby lifts his eyes up, his hand cupping his chin thoughtfully.  "Honestly." he shakes his head,"I don't think so."

Kotetsu glares at him accusingly.  "No one would believe that you are the childish one in our relationship."

Barnaby grins, big and carefree. "Nope."

[Glee] Getting a New Pair
Title: Getting a new Pair
Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairing: Burt Hummel, Kurt Hummel
Rating: General Audience
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse - Challenge 17- Old Shoes,
Word Count:101
Warnings:Dialogue Only
Author's Ramblings: Been a long time since I did anything for this fandom. It isn't like riding a bike.
Summary: Kurt is just trying to be helpful

Read more...Collapse )

[Original Work] You and Not Me
sleepy nude
Title: U and not Me
Fandom: Original Work
Characters/Pairing: Gen, Levi, Jim
Rating: General Audiences
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse- Challenge 17- Sparkle
Word Count: 292
Notes: This is something that happens to me a bunch. And the incident actually happened to a friend of mine

Summary: Why do girls think that because I'm gay, I want to be their BFF.

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(no subject)

Title: Normalcy is Overrated
Fandom:Devil May Cry
Pairing/Characters: Dante/Nero,Lady
Rating: PG -13
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse
Word Count: 428
Warnings: Slight mention of Blood, Poor Attempt At Humor
Notes: ???

<b>Summary:</b>For not the first time, Nero asks himself how this became his life.Collapse )

(no subject)
Title: Untitled
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Pairing/Characters:Gen - Dante,Lady, Nero
Rating: General
Challenge/Prompt: writerverse challenge-prompt by[info]primreceded
Word Count: 251
Warnings: Poor Attempt a humor
Notes: I feel its unfinished but if I keep going I will edit it to deletion

Summary: Lady asks for Nero's help on a job.Collapse )

(no subject)
Fandom: Grand Chase
Characters: Erknard Sieghart/Ronan Erudon, past Sieghart/OC
Rating: PG
Warnings(Spoilers): err. none really.
Challenges lover100, 15_minute_fic
Prompt: Death, not telling
Word Count: 820
Author's Ramblings: When every I play, I really do use more potions when I play with Elesis than with any of the other characters. I'm also not happy with the wording.  I feel that I didn't get my point across so I may, rewrite later.

Summary:Strength is not so much a physical characteristic as much as an mental oneCollapse )

(no subject)

Table 50-A
046.Writer's Choice047.Writer's Choice048.Writer's Choice049.Writer's Choice050.Writer's Choice

Table 50-B
046.Writer's Choice047.Writer's Choice048.Writer's Choice049.Writer's Choice050.Writer's Choice

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays
What is on your holiday wish list this year? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

(no subject)
Fandom: Grand Chase
Characters/Pairing: Lire, Sieghart/Ronan
Challenge: 100lovers
Prompt: Glimpse

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Writer's Block: American Censorship Day!
Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. [Learn more here.] Do you support this bill?
  • we have an unemployment rate close to 10%,
  • we have companies moving their jobs overseas
  • we have returning soldiers who have been injured (mentally and physically) from fighting years in a war,
  • we have a healthcare system that is so fucked up that we look up to Canada (no offense to Canadians but we're suppose to take care of our own people not foist them off on you.)
  • we have a education system that spews out 16 year olds that can't read and tell me that England isn't an island,
  • we have banks that have to take out loans from the government to keep afloat

And somehow, you figure that patrolling the internet is a good way to solve these problems.  What is DC thinking. 

I can't speak for anyone else, but the internet is the only thing that stops me from commit homicide on a daily basis. 

I don't like the idea of the government telling me what i can and cant

mission insane
01. Themed Table 02. Themed Table 03. Un-Themed Table 04. Un-Themed Table
05. 'Inspired By' Table 06. 'Inspired By' Table 07. Genre Table 08. Genre Table
09. Pick Your Own Table 10. Pick Your Own Table 11. Pick Your Own Table 12. Pick Your Own Table
13. Pick Your Own Table 14. Pick Your Own Table 15. Pick Your Own Table 16. Pick Your Own Table
17. Pick Your Own Table 18. Pick Your Own Table 19. Pick Your Own Table 20. Pick Your Own Table


01.Fight02.Phone Call
05.Rough Housing06.Retro

Cliché Contributed by [info]entangled_now

01.Sacrifice02.Angry Drunken Betrayal
05.Love Triangle06.Pretending To Be Together
07.Sharing Body Heat08.Declarations Of Love
09.Eavesdropping10.Drunken Kiss

Fantasy Contributed by [info]flying_monkees

05.Quest06.White Knight
07.Damsel In Distress08.You Must Save…
09.We Need Your Help!10.Hero

(no subject)
Title: Misconceptions
Fandom: Grand Chase
Characters/Pairing: Lire, Sieghart/Ronan
Challenge: lover100
Prompt: Glimpse

Summary: How do you put up with that?Collapse )

Tiger and Bunny Challenges

01.Celebration.02.Surprise.03.Pleasure.04.Past Times.

(no subject)

1. The vacuum of time.
2. Terror in the night.
3. Flashes of euphoria.
4. Dancing with the devil.
5. Fatal accident.
6. Haunting melody.
7. Black ice.
8. Breathtaking reality.
9. Sensation of loss.
10. Shooting star.
11. Broken spirit.
12. Central power.
13. Left behind.
14. Unguarded touch.
15. Last time.
16. Dying sun.
17. Devastating explosion.
18. Alone in a crowd.
19. Fragmented truths.
20. Gaping chasm.
21. Arise from the ashes.
22. What lies beyond forever./?
23. Remember me.
24. Flash of lightning.
25. Suffer the agony.
26. Immortal laughter.
27. A whisper on the wind.
28. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.
29. The calm before the storm.
30. A life of lies.
31. The winds of change.
32. The hand of fate.
33. Desperate plea.
34. Nightmare.
35. Bound by iron.
36. Caught in the act.
37. Sensual command.
38. Close your eyes.
39. Beyond the horizon.
40. Finality.
41. And it is beautiful.
42. Lie to me.
43. Tarnished.
44. I covet you.
45. Caress the darkness, kiss the light.
46. Screaming silence.
47. One dream, one lifetime.
48. Fleeting flame.
49. Gasping confession.
50. Betrayal.

51. Uncontrollable wrath.
52. Dragons in the shadows.
53. Natural disaster.
54. Leap of faith.
55. Faceless and nameless.
56. Harsh revelation.
57. A path to follow.
58. The power of goodbye.
59. Through a child's eyes.
60. One final look back.
61. Smoldering heart.
62. Ignored instinct.
63. Seductive danger.
64. Jumbled truths.
65. Shallow grave.
66. Why they call it falling.
67. Volcano.
68. Dying land.
69. A child's truth.
70. Fire and storm.
71. Chained to mortality.
72. Dim as an ember.
73. Acid tears.
74. Unexpected emptiness.
75. Miraculous relief.
76. Letting go.
77. What Earth once was.
78. Frantic search.
79. Tragic moment.
80. Beneath the smiles.
81. Across the worlds.
82. In the still of the night.
83. Counting years.
84. How you suffered for your sanity.
85. Surrender to despair.
86. Ring of sunlight.
87. Creaking cold.
88. Serenity incarnate.
89. Beloved sin.
90. Enfold your heart in mine.
91. Shard of honor.
92. Horrific distortion.
93. Miraculous ruin.
94. Leap into my arms.
95. Bewildered madness.
96. Ravenous time.
97. Approaching doom.
98. Eternal danger.
99. Vacant arch.
100. Recoil.

101. Intentional suffering.
102. Urban legend.
103. Gentle warmth.
104. Rippling tide.
105. Fallen haze.
106. That's all I ask of you.
107. Think of me.
108. Promise me.
109. A white rose.
110. Weary wanderer.
111. Ghost of a rose.
112. Fire.
113. Enchanting surrender.
114. Cowering sunrise.
115. Deliverance.
116. Resisting temptation.
117. Leaves of amber.
118. A shining road that leaves me all alone.
119. Heart of a child.
120. Don't scream.
121. Kiss the hand that feeds you.
122. Mysterious stranger.
123. One heart, one breath.
124. The truth about forever.
125. Ragged hunger.
126. Don't look away.
127. Lost soul.
128. Wandering spirit.
129. Touched by an angel.
130. Shattered reflections.
131. For the sake of sin.
132. Ripple effect.
133. Don't you dare.
134. You can't do that!
135. There will always be a monster.
136. Intimate embrace.
137. It's too late.
138. Cabin by the sea.
139. Guardian.
140. Amusingly inconsequential.
141. Unbroken illusion.
142. Stealth forsaken.
143. Of blood and honor.
144. As the wind kindles the fire.
145. Mysterious memories.
146. A song of sweet forgiveness.
147. Resonating hunger.
148. Relinquished radiance.
149. Transcendent joy.
150. Silent watcher.

151. When eyes believe in mysteries.
152. To love a storm.
153. Sweet nothings.
154. Unfinished tale.
155. Endless night.
156. Suffocating silence.
157. You must hold what you cannot keep.
158. You must fear what you cannot know.
159. You must fear what you cannot speak.
160. Ancient willow.
161. Off the map.
162. Deserted riverbank.
163. You must sow what you cannot reap.
164. A walk along the shore.
165. A valley of echoes.
166. Purity.
167. Fire and ash.
168. Secret bonding.
169. A time for tenderness.
170. Sleeping storm.
171. Islands in the sky.
172. Unheeded warning.
173. Battling oblivion.
174. Spellbound.
175. Blameless.
176. Tempting enigma.
177. Compassion's shadow.
178. Gently stirring.
179. I hate love.
180. Irresistible coercion.
181. No excuses offered.
182. Tumbling clouds.
183. Blue mists.
184. When history repeats itself.
185. Seek and find.
186. Memories unfurling in the mind.
187. Nothing lost, nothing gained.
188. Delicious tragedy.
189. The in between.
190. Into the river.
191. You're only sleeping.
192. What can you see?
193. Calling you home.
194. Into the world of night.
195. Somewhere.
196. Lamentation.
197. The moment.
198. Suddenly.
199. Childhood's end.
200. Broken weapon.

201. Gazing upon the sky with dampened eyes.
202. Vast horizons.
203. Entrapment.
204. Quaking knees.
205. Memory of a dream.
206. Dangerous illusion.
207. In the hands of a child.
208. Outrageous superstitions.
209. Guilty morals.
210. Fragile as a dream
211. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
212. Portal.
213. Fall from grace.
214. Balance of power.
215. Out of sight, out of mind.
216. Diamond in the rough.
217. The essence of life.
218. No hope was left in sight.
219. Desire, ask, believe, receive.
220. A fate worse than death.
221. The razor's edge.
222. Reach for the stars.
223. Touch me.
224. Unrequited.
225. Perhaps they never will.
226. Laughter forbidden.
227. Starved for affection.
228. Between a rock and a hard place.
229. No man is an island.
230. Vengeance.
231. Rough hands.
232. Mystery.
233. After tonight.
234. Farewell.
235. And the edges blur.
236. One thousand promises.
237. A broken sensitivity.
238. A curling shadow.
239. A darker pride.
240. A deluge of dancers.
241. To carry you along.
242. A four leaf clover.
243. A golden shield.
244. A love remembered.
245. A lustful lie.
246. A magical time.
247. Down the silent river.
248. With Heaven's love at stake and hell to pay.
249. Worth losing you forever.
250. A story never to be told.

251. All sorts of complicated.
252. The tears of God.
253. Alone I crumble.
254. Defying gravity.
255. No one mourns the wicked.
256. Die alone.
257. Asleep at dawn.
258. Heart's assassin.
259. Based on a dream.
260. Once upon a December.
261. Before the next tear falls.
262. The beginning of goodbye.
263. A lonely tomorrow.
264. Beneath the blue.
265. Better left unsaid.
266. Thoroughly ravished.
267. Beyond the universe.
268. Black and white.
269. Blood and moon.
270. Blood feud.
271. Bribing the Devil.
272. Broken promises.
273. False gold.
274. By midnight's favor.
275. By the light of a million stars.
276. Castles in the sky.
277. Catastrophe in the making.
278. Creeping nightmare.
279. Crimson bloom.
280. Crown of ivy.
281. Call of the wild.
282. Darkness becomes you.
283. Dawn of night.
284. Dawning upon a crimson ruin.
285. To flatter death.
286. Demon tongue.
287. And it is terrible.
288. Fighting destiny.
289. Burning star.
290. Do you remember the end?
291. Oath bound.
292. When innocence meets its death.
293. Tossing pennies to the moon.
294. Soul's surrender.
295. Edge of sanity.
296. Candy-coated dreams.
297. Equinox rising.
298. Ethereal.
299. Swelter.
300. Exquisite and unforgivable.

301. Face down I cry.
302. Fallen fae.
303. Light step.
304. Faery-eyed child.
305. Slow burn.
306. A childhood dream.
307. Fields of dust.
308. Final breath.
309. Reaching for eternity.
310. Flames of twilight.
311. For the child I will sing.
312. Serenade the sea.
313. Lost beginning.
314. Forgotten, not forgiven.
315. Fractured reality.
316. Fragile heart.
317. Angels among us.
318. Haunting lonely pools.
319. Portrait in black.
320. Approaching Flood.
321. Cloak of darkness.
322. Wandering hidden paths.
323. Twilight's selfish shade.
324. The tattered, the torn.
325. Invisible defender.
326. Dashed against a rock.
327. I miss who you were.
328. Kisses of a night terror.
329. Two days from now.
330. I wish upon tonight.
331. Tragic sin.
332. If looks could kill.
333. Illuminated darkness.
334. Speak softly to the eastern wind.
335. Shatter the moon.
336. Unfathomable truth.
337. Shackles of the mind.
338. Growing fonder.
339. A time to grieve.
340. Fire in your eyes.
341. Tales of long ago.
342. Crave.
343. Whisper of the wind.
344. Hold still, I'm trying to kill you.
345. Breath of the devil.
346. The innocent can never last.
347. Too wide to cross.
348. Desperate times, desperate measures.
349. Beautiful friendship.
350. In the shade of a Sycamore.

351. Samhain.
352. Midsummer.
353. Intoxicating.
354. Island of light.
355. It ends tonight.
356. Quarter moon.
357. Night of fire.
358. Knowledge in death, wisdom in immortality.
359. Harbor.
360. White wings.
361. A beacon of hope.
362. Like shattered glass.
363. Killing moon.
364. Bless the union.
365. Only by candlelight.
366. Silent sentry.
367. Beyond the shattered pane.
368. To lose what wasn't yours.
369. Blood and tears.
370. Lost island.
371. Garden path.
372. Mint and lilac.
373. Fountains of roses.
374. Mother Earth's last stand.
375. To say goodbye.
376. Horizon's meeting.
377. Breathtaking innocence.
378. Perilous stranger.
379. Lost in dreams.
380. Iron gate.
381. Crystal statue.
382. Treachery runs deep.
383. Warped.
384. Disenchanted.
385. Laughing at the moon.
386. Blind-sided.
387. Future's past.
388. Supernova.
389. Whispers in the dark.
390. Letters from nowhere.
391. The one no one sees.
392. You are everything.
393. Passionate desires.
394. Remnants of darkness.
395. The bitterness of mortality.
396. Too much to hold.
397. Sit with me.
398. You raise me up.
399. Miracle.
400. Trusting soul.

401. Twilight surrender.
402. When love turns to hate.
403. Lost and alone.
404. When the river runs dry.
405. Lapping at the shores of sleep.
406. Landing among the stars.
407. Touch the moon.
408. When stillness descends.
409. On the brink of forever.
410. Clinging to the edge of control.
411. Abandoned resistance.
412. Life companion.
413. Heart within the eyes.
414. When forever fades away.
415. Grave acceptance.
416. Over the rainbow.
417. Falling from a cloud.
418. Time and space.
419. Sunrise upon a soul.
420. Prisms of a fragmented whole.
421. Unexplored cavern.
422. Disembodied voices.
423. Dancing beneath the moon.
424. Alighting on the water.
425. Gliding on glass.
426. A tale rewritten.
427. Exiled child.
428. Sacrificed child.
429. I'll try violence.
430. Who named the stars?
431. Mysterious beyond.
432. Ocean's tears.
433. Siren's song.
434. Sea bed.
435. Living nightmare.
436. Bound by silence.
437. A twinkle in the night.
438. A waking slumber.
439. A soul divided.
440. Speak not the secret you bear.
441. Abandoned by fate.
442. A far green country.
443. Attacked by a dream.
444. Caressed by a nightmare.
445. The ravages of time.
446. Ancient tale.
447. Faces in the clouds.
448. Ripped apart.
449. From better to worse.
450. The space between.

451. Look beyond.
452. Edge of the knife.
453. A human voice.
454. Dream the impossible.
455. Forgotten roads.
456. Petals on the wind.
457. A bitter pill.
458. Another fine mess.
459. The life inside.
460. Still crossroads.
461. Frozen bridges.
462. Fear of the fall.
463. Dear heart.
464. Severed tension.
465. A child's path.
466. Imitation of life.
467. Behind the mirror.
468. Through the fire.
469. Echoes of bondage.
470. Freedom in chains.
471. Last regrets.
472. Unheard of.
473. Hidden tales.
474. Disowned.
475. Frozen fire.
476. White shores.
477. Lights out.
478. Liquid sunset.
479. Silver glass.
480. When words fail.
481. A death of a thousand screams.
482. Those who do not remember the past.
483. When laughter's lost in peaceful silence.
484. The sands of time.
485. When death's lips left mine.
486. Cataclysm.
487. Messenger.
488. When worlds collide.
489. A mortal's forever.
490. When tomorrows run out.
491. You pick!
492. You pick!
493. You pick!
494. You pick!
495. You pick!
496. You pick!
497. You pick!
498. You pick!
499. You pick!
500. You pick!



1.To be2.To sing3.To feel4.To live5.Verb! That's what's happenin'!
6.I put my heart in action7.To run8.To go9.To get10.To give
11.That's where I find satisfaction12.To search13.To find14.To have15.To hold
16.To be bold!17.When I use my imagination18.I think19.I plot20.I plan
21.I dream22.I make23.I write24.I dance25.I run
26.I ride27.I swim28.I fly29.I rest30.I sleep
31.I sit32.I lie33.Show me how34.I don't know my own power35.A verb makes a statement
36.A verb tells it like it is37.I can tell you when it's happenin'38.Past, present, future39.Tell you more about what's happenin'40.Say it so it makes some sense
41.Verb, you're so intense42.Every sentence has a subject43.Where's the action?44.What does it say?45.What is it?
46.Verb! You're so demanding!47.Go get it!48.Verb! You're so commanding!49.When I hit, I need an object50.Go ahead on!
51.Yeah, alright!52.He hit it!53.It's going, it's going, it's gone!54.To work55.To play
56.To love57.Every person you can know58.Every place that you can go59.Any thing that you can show60.A special kind of word
61.Any name you ever heard62.I find it quite interesting63.A noun's a person, place, or thing64.I took a train, took a train, to another state65.The flora and the fauna that I saw were really great
66.I saw some bandits chasing the train67.I was wishing I was back home again68.She sent her dog to bark at my brother and me69.We gave her dog a big fat bone70.Every place that you can go... (Like a street or a corner.)
71.I took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty72.My best friend was waiting there for me73.We went for a walk on the island74.In the middle of summer it started to snow75.I put a dime in the drugstore record machine
76.It goes like this77.Let's go!78.You're going to need if you write or read or even think about it79.Got a lot of Lolly, jolly adverbs here!80.Anything you need and we can make it absolutely clear!
81.That's all it is82.There's a lot of 'em!83.It's positively, very, very, necessary84.Come on down and look85.How are you going to paint it?
86.You can paint it very neatly or rather sloppily87.Your buddy wants to know where and when88.Anything described can be described some more89.Anything you'd ever need is in the store90.You choose very carefully
91.Where it happened92.Where you're going93.Where you've been94.These questions are answered95.Come and get it!
96.Quickly quickly quickly97.Slowly surely really98.Slow, soft and sure99.Lots of good tricks100.Manner, place, time
101.Condition, reason102.Comparison, contrast103.Enrich your language104.Besides, they're absolutely free105.At your service!
106.Indubitably!107.I could say that, but I don't have to!108.He found a kangaroo that followed him home109.They're so happy110.Saying all those nouns over and over can really wear you down
111.We found them and they found us112.Now they are ours113.People really raise a fuss114.What made that horrible noise?115.But I know!
116.I have mine and she has hers and he has his117.Do you have yours?118.They love us and we love them119.That's how it is with friends120.Got home from camping last spring
121.Friends asked us to describe the people, places and every last thing122.We unpacked our adjectives123.Frustrating124.Worst125.Soggy
126.Next127.Foggy128.Then I was ready to tell them my tale129.Days are sunny or they're rainy130.Boys are dumb or else they're brainy
131.How thin, how fat132.How short, how tall133.Girls who are tall can get taller134.Boys who are small can get smaller135.Till one is the tallest and the other's the smallest of all
136.We hiked along without care137.We ran into a bear138.He was a hairy bear, he was a scary bear139.We beat a hasty retreat from his lair140.Whoa!
141.Boy, that was one big, ugly bear!142.Tack on an ending143.This boy can grow up to be a huge man, but still have a boyish face144.Get it?145.Next time you go on a trip
146.Remember this little tip147.The minute you get back148.They'll ask you this and that149.Tell them 'bout it150.Shout it
151.What's your function?152.Hooking up153.Words and phrases and clauses154.How's that function?155.They'll get you pretty far
156.And, but, and or157.Milk and honey158.Bread and butter159.Peas and rice160.Hey, that's nice!
161.Dirty but happy162.Digging and scratching163.Losing your shoe164.A button or two165.He's poor but honest
166.Sad but true167.Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!168.Either now or later169.No choice170.Neither now nor ever
171.Hey, that's clever!172.Eat this or that173.Never mind174.I wouldn't do that175.Out of the frying pan and into the fire
176.He cut loose the sandbags177.The balloon wouldn't go any higher178.Let's go up to the mountains179.Down to the sea180.You should always say thank you
181.At least say please182.Complex sentences183.In the mornings184.I am usually wide awake185.I love to take a walk
186.Through the gardens187.Down by the lake188.I wonder as I walk by189.What they'd say if they could speak190.That's an absurd thought
191.I'm going to get you there if you're very careful192.The doctor knew just what to do193.He cured the infection with one small injection194.Ouch! That hurts!195.Yow! That's not fair, giving a guy a shot down there!
196.Excitement197.When the feeling's not as strong198.Geraldine played hard to get199.Geraldo knew he'd woo her yet200.He showed his affection

[Grand Chase] Lass's Plight
Title: Lass's Plight
Fandom: Grand Chase
Characters: Lass, Ronan, Seighart
Claim: Erknard Sieghart/Ronan Erudon
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: lover100
Prompt #16: Absurd
Warnings/Spoilers Slash, Voyeurism(???)/None really
Word Count; 291
Notes: First time in a long time writing. I'm sooo rusty
Summary: Lass is used to others forgetting his presence. He just wished that now wasn't one of those timesCollapse )

(no subject)
006.First Meeting.007.Hardest Truth.008.Resolutions.009.Anything.010.Home.
041.Summer Love.042.Patience.043.Opportunity.044.Death.045.Passion.
056.Magnetic.057.Surreal.058.Passage.059.Lush.060.Could Have.
061.Would Have.062.Should Have.063.Hunger.064.Need.065.Want.
086.Voice.087.Biggest Fear.088.Warning.089.Everything.090.Nothing.
096.Writer‘s Choice.097.Writer‘s Choice.098.Writer‘s Choice.099.Writer‘s Choice.100.Writer‘s Choice.

(no subject)
Challenge: 100_situations

001. Tired 002. Back Alley 003. Sunrise 004. Late 005. Son
006. Hot 007. Friend 008. Floor 009. Cheat 010. Think
011. Disgust 012. Shelter 013. Borrow 014. Chair 015. Alter
016. Peace 017. Beach 018. True 019. Crazy 020. Love
021. New 022. Beggar 023. False 024. Happy 025. Cancer
026. Pickpocket 027. Reverse 028. Deliver 029. Arrival 030. Fall
031. Knife 032. Torn 033. Danger 034. Neutral 035. Mate
036. Fly 037. Loud 038. Touch 039. Seek 040. Argue
041. Work 042. Sink 043. Nut 044. Stuck 045. Animal
046. Pray 047. Kill 048. Light 049. Cold 050. Affair
051. Restaurant 052. Movie 053. Wait 054. Patient 055. Crime
056. Choke 057. Fever 058. Summer 059. Eat 060. Thirst
061. Chance 062. Appear 063. Whisper 064. Day 065. Scream
066. Fail 067. Confused 068. Smile 069. Come 070. Alone
071. Fast 072. Slow 073. Return 074. Fire 075. Positive
076. Baby 077. Upset 078. Kitchen 079. Winter 080. Ignorant
081. Fool 082. Afraid 083. Prison 084. Sex 085. Hate
086. Alarm 087. Genius 088. Negative 089. Flood 090. Bomb
091. Hospital 092. Trap 093. Celebrate 094. Old 095. Disappear
096. Writer‘s Choice 097. Writer‘s Choice 098. Writer‘s Choice 099. Writer‘s Choice 100. Writer‘s Choice

Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Pride

Humilty, Kindness, Abstinence, Chastity, Patience, Liberality, Diligence


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